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Monday, August 17, 2009


So taking a break away from cricket , i took up this challenge of attending the premier open quiz of the country . Yes it was fun and also knowledge gaining to the max . Got a score of 21 or 22 on 40 , very decent i believe as i attended an open quiz after a long time . Named my team THE SWINE BUSTERS , yes we were given protective face masks when entering the audi (THE MUSIC ACADEMY ...what a great place really ) but found that the people had forgotten about swine flu and the masks were dangling in their necks . The questions for the prelims are given as follows..........................................

1.1st two symbols in footnote of a book .- Asterisk and Obelisk (Star and Dagger)

2.What does M stand for in MLV and MR Radha – Madras

3.What does it take to find lost love – 4 options? which movie poster – Slumdog millionaire

4.(Logo shown FedEx)Between which two letters of the FedExlogo do we find the arrow – E and X

5.What are the three words that is most important in mountaineering uttered by George Mallory who was the 1st to climb the Everest – Because it is there

6.What does ‘s’ stand for in https – secure

7.Former employee of system research institute pune one who received Magsaysay award d for changing the way NGO worked and also one who has changed the corporate world – Deep joshi and Narayan murthy

8.Exactly 40 yrs ago, in New York Maya kulkarni a student in newyork was asked to replace and play tambura for a concert held in empire state building by 2 people. Who a re they? Pt Ravi Shankar and Allah Rakha

9.Which organization got its name because each member visits the other in their office in the group in turns? – Rotary club

10.What was the original person s face in the Apple computers logo – Newton

11.Who was listed in vogues 1st 10 beautiful women in 1960’s from India – Gayatri Devi and Leela Naidu.

12.What is a bunch of bananas called – a hand of bananas

13.Only fictional character whose death was announced in the newyork times in the year 1975? – Hercule poirot

14.After Nepal and Pakistan , the vulture population was reduced by 97% which was worrisome for a society of people in India – Parsis

15.In traditional Indian metal work , the shape of many vessels was based on the Sanskrit name for Leaf – Pathram

16.There is a board game which also has a quiz show in its name – Mastermind!

17.Which American writers boyhood home s the pic – the pic is tough ( would attach if I can) – Mark twain

18.Nagesh’s title character with Manorama a funny old tamil movie – Server Sundaram .

19.Where did this swine flu start from this yr 2009 – Mexico?

20.Which is the sweet made from wheat and ghee started by a Marwari family at tamaraparini , thirunelvi now running the company called Lakshmi vilas – Tirunelveli halwa

21.Spongebob - madam tussads museum ( some question related to that didn’t note that exactly)

22.Connect – Pepsi and capt vikram – Yeh dil maange more –Capt Vikram radioed his victory to the team yeh dil maange more after kargil victory

23.Hawk eyed technology is used in tennis, cricket and what ? - Snooker.

24.Who initiated the 1st Rathyatra during elections to reach out to people and was in Guinness book of world records -= NT Ramarao

25.Which is the max % of people stay in pak which has a capital – Quetta =- Baluchistan

26.In HG Well’s story The Martian war what did they die of ?– common cold – cold virus

27.French name for the tennis tournament as the French open is the golf – Roland Garros

28.Yensid Retlaw s from whose name – Walter Disney ( detailed question s not known)

29.Who gave away all the goodness earned by penance to Brahmins and all his knowledge to someone? in Mahabharata = Parasuram and Drona

30.What is the liquid bomb that Finns found during the WWII against Russia – Molotov cocktail

31The kannada poet whose statue is up in Chennai – sarvajna

32.Image of a some kind of temple which has the roof and light through the roof shown what is this , which also s the name of a road in Chennai – pantheon

33.Barbie – Katrina kaif ( image)

34.Who is the person who has been in all the movies like spider man etc in cameo – stan lee , editor of marvel comics(video)

35.The inauguration of this location – The atlantis hotel at Palm Jamera , Dubai- was visible from space ( video of the inauguration shown)

36.Michael jacksons fav song 1936 composed by ? Charlie chaplin (song played)

37.Vikram ‘s song – Mambo mami – Kandasamy (song played)

38.DK Pattammal song – Jana gana mana. ( song played)

39.What is that element discovered in the spectrum at Guntur – Helium

40.Which place did gandhiji visit and change his style to the peasants style of dressing with just dhoti and no hair which even Rajaji tried to persuade to change – Madurai

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