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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So shifting my focus away from cricket , as our Indian team is busy packing their bags , i thought of writing this post . I come from a suburb in Chennai which is almost like hell called PORUR . Why i call this place a hell because , standing to cross this road from one end to another needs lots of skill , one must be good at extreme sport ! , a good runner , should have good eyes , and to add on you must be half deaf !!( so you do not hear the blaring horn of any vehicle ) .

This is how my day starts
7:15 - Start my bike and reach "THE HELL"
after that
7:27 : i still keep waiting on one side of the road and watch the buses go by on the other side !!

Finally a traffic police enters from no where and puts his long hand (white gloved --- looks to be not washed for a very long time !!) the vehicles come to a halt , then comes the action scene .

Usain Bolt can be challenged to run here sure he will not clock 9.69 seconds here, people around me start running for no reason , so no other go i have to burn my calories , run for a few yards and reach the other side of the road . Once when i turned back and saw the path i came it looked like a war field !

So you may be wondering what i do in those 7 minutes ( 7:20 - 7:27 ) , have a chat with the guy who puts his hand , the commander in chief ( traffic police ) poor guy indeed he gets the blame when a traffic choke occurs . Last week was utter chaos , when it rains in this part of the world , two eyes are not enough to take care of oneself . One has to show some jumping skills in order that he finds a safe landing spot else he lands himself into a pool of water .

I once suggested an idea to the traffic police , this was that , i asked why not an overhead crossing structure can be built so it helps people to cross easily . He smiled at me and walked off . The same time the next day i was shocked to see a structure , no it was not the overhead crossing that was built instead a huge hoarding in the middle of the road welcoming a very famous politician for an inaugural function(i should cross the road tomorrow alive!!) . The same traffic police smiled at me again and said , eppudi irukka !!

So i think some day the overhead crossing structure comes up , so that i watch from there all the vehicles go below me . Hah , will be great indeed .

You may be wondering will these things happen , i think this way because
-dialogue courtesy A WEDNESDAY

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  1. Dude, Did u notice this STUPID COMMON MAN is the theme of unaipol oruvan??: