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Thursday, October 1, 2009


So this title will be exclusively reserved for all movie reviews . It is nice starting of with a very good movie which i saw today . It was Kamal hassan starrer " UNNAIPOL ORUVAN " .

I was at first not interested in watching this movie , as i had watched the origninal hindi version "A WEDNESDAY " , this in fact was a brilliant movie which had roles played by Nasseruddin Shah and Anupam Kher .

But my boring classes made me to take a different decision altogether , five of my friends got together and we got tickets easily for the noon show in which the tickets according to me were really affordable (60 bucks ) .

So coming back to the movie , i had no expectation but i wanted to see Kamal Hassan`s role of a common citizen . One had seen him in ten avatars , a super hero , a romeo , but this was entirely a different role played by him . He did live up my expectation , i am not comparing him to Nasseruddin shah , but he did a splendid job as the movie revolved around him .

So the story here is the hero , it is built in a way that a first time watcher will be having a lot of great moments to enjoy . Kamal stands out in his dialogue delivery and the way he has approached the entire role . The supporting characters of Mohanlal , also is very well played , he indeed looks like a true policeman !

The topic of discussion taken in this movie is a common man`s anger towards terrorism and terrorist . It is a difficult topic to address in a movie , but the story is built in such a way that a super hero does not carry AK 47`s into a building or delivers lengthy punch dialogues !! but here the hero sits in a place makes phone calls and gets his work done . A very nice effort by the director here in highlighting the story very well .

Some of the dialogues really stand in my heart , the time Kamal explains about his anger towards the loss of human lives and the slapstick delivery of dialogue of not including his name into the voter`s list are note worthy . There are some real shockers in the movie , our C.M`s voice(mimicked anyway) and his own Gopalapuram residence are a few of them .

Shruthi Hassan stands out in her debut movie where she has scored the background score . Some parts of the movie are brilliant which is highlighted by the background score by her .

Overall the movie is a worth for your tickets , but i will not suggest this movie for a person who has seen "A WEDNESDAY " unless he is a die hard Kamal fan . The man of the movie is clearly Kamal Hassan by the way , followed by Mohanlal .

So this is my final rating
* * * * out of a possible 5 stars

but Kamal Hassan get 5 on 5 hands down .

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