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Friday, November 27, 2009

POP CORN - 2012

The day finally arrived for me , watching a movie in a theatre has become one of the toughest task for me these days and you also get the good movies released when you are writing your examinations . One such movie was this 2012 . This movie by all standards and reviews i saw was rated as top and had even a simultaneous tamil release ( i believe this has not happened for a while now ) , so the expectations of me seeing this movie was quiet big . I had a wonderful friend whom i gave the responsibility of getting the tickets as the tickets were in real demand even after it has been two weeks now . My friend indeed got the tickets , but the timing was chanceless , he called me at 11 10 am and said " machi show 12 manikku , devi theatre la vandhudu " i said god this guy was kidding , i was just having my lunch and thankfully my father had left the vehicle home , i wasted no time to start and reached the theatre around 12 05 , the signals were kind enough to me turning green all the time but the end signal near the theatre where i had to do a 'U' played spoil sport , my wonderful friend was already cursing me saying " 5 minutes padam poiduchu " .

Indeed the rush started i have not been late to any movies before , the greatest thing was to discover the seats in the dark ,i have not seen a darker place in my life before , thank god the theater person held a twenty rupees torch light and showed us our way ! So we settled and the movie started , showing the present age and all stuffs about climatic change and non sense . I still wondered how many movies these english men are going to take like this stating this world is going to end and we are all going to die ! I really had a story running at the back of my mind saying this would be the next happening .

But i really accepted , English men think otherwise they proved me wrong in each frame , the story was so engrossing that eventhough i predicted the flow , the visual effects were stunning in most of the scenes , the one which i enjoyed the most was the writer`s family escaping from California to the airport , here the entire city was shown beautifully going down , maybe an American watching this will curse the director , but i really enjoyed it , after all i am an Indian who was happy to see America going down ~!

Jokes apart , this movie is worth a watch , people who love Cheran or Vikraman movies in tamil , stay away from the screens as this will not be your cup of tea , was just kidding by the way , this movie is a sure value for your tickets , maybe i will rank this next to Titanic in terms of the effort they have put into a movie . Hats off !!

There were a few loose ends in this movie as well , they showed America as a very good boy in this whole world and the American president who sacrificed his life and rejecting his boarding pass to travel in his Air Force One so that he would be safe in China . The Russian billionaire was also a comedy piece in the whole story , the time he takes his children in the military chopper and leaves away the people who saved him was indeed unacceptable . Finally the proud Indian who found the entire effect of 2012 and he losing his life with his family were also unacceptable , i just cannot understand what these Americans think of us , they get all help from us and even in the movies they show us this way .

I finally said to my friend , thanks for the tickets it was worth a watch , as we were doing a revision of the scenes my friend said " irunthalum andha Indian settatdhu over " , ya it was true .
But the movie was great , it was a very easy going story which says the world is going to end by 21-12-09 and the US top scientist finds it with his help of his Indian aid . The resources are backed up and the whole world experiences severe natural disasters after that , earthquakes tsunamis and a few ( in fact a lot) remain alive after 2 hours and 45 minutes . I indeed walked out of the theatre alive !!

The other scenes that caught my eyes were
1.The earthquake in the super market in Cal .
2.Vatican City ( it was shown beautifully ) going down
3.The mount everest
4. The dog when it walks into the safe chamber ( this was brilliantly worked out) .
5. The tsunami gobbling up a big cruise ship ( i indeed remember a tsunami shown in a tamil movie where people said they have seen tsunami really , watch this people this was the real one shot brilliantly )

So many asked me who am i to rate movies , i silently replied them saying , a movie lover paying 90 rupees on tickets and 30 rupees for pop corn !!

Here are my ratings for 2012
* * * * on a maximum 5
Indeed i would have given 5 0n 5 but i did not see a flawless nadia comaneci( people who do not know her pl GOOGLE) like performance by any individual in this movie , the story along with the visual effects were the winners which will keep the cash bells ringing for the movie for some time .

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