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Thursday, November 26, 2009

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It has been a while i posted a full fledged post on a topic apart from cricket , which remained my top priority for a long time followed by some quizzes . But i wanted to do something different so that this post will be remembered for a long time by me and also the person who reads this .That is why i have left the title blank , maybe after reading through the post you will be in a position to understand why i have not given a title .

I again thought of writing about cricket , but Indians have been performing exceedingly well these days and so i thought why not movies ?? , but the problem was i have not seen any movie for a while as my exams played spoil sport . These were the two areas where an average Indian spends most of his time apart from his profession .

26th of November 2008 will be etched as a black day in the annals of history of India . The reason , the disaster not a natural one this time around but a deadly carnage performed by our wonderful neighbors by the name of Pakistan , maybe it will be wrong to blame them because they have been worst affected where a bomb goes of daily in places like Peshawar , Lahore . But coming back to the Mumbai attacks like every other attack we keep saying it was an unprecedented one . One has to keep in mind an attack is always an unprecedented one and a threat is a planned attack , where in a threat an information agency gets some information about a possible attack . Mumbai where it was of the first kind , where 10 gunmen fully armed carrying deadly weapons and RDX, where a normal police officer would have not seen such equipments before in his life and never thought the day 26-11-08 would be a tough day in office for them .

The terrorists entered Mumbai as if they were entering a play ground , ready to play a sport . But their sport was deadly , that of killing innocent people returning from work or enjoying their dinner in the famous Taj , The Trident or a common man`s Leopold . What followed was completely unbelievable , the terrorists took over center stage and started shooting down people from a hand shaking range and throwing hand grenades . This was the time i switched on the television and the flash news started to appear in the bottom of my television saying places of Mumbai are under attack . As every other Indian i said to myself the police would take care and catch these attackers alive .

But it was not supposed to be , the attacks continued the next morning when i switched on the TV again the magnitude of the attacks were severe and said the entire Mumbai city is under attack , places like the Taj and The Oberoi which housed several foreign guests and of course Indians became one of the targets of the terrorists . Not to forget the Nariman house which had a large minority of Jews living were under a terrible attack .

The Police tried their best i can call , they just had a pistol , max a better long sight gun , but the terrorists were well equipped with automatic machine guns . The Mumbai Police put up a brave show but they lost several good people in the names of Ashok Kamte , Vijay Salaskar to name a few . The NSG was called in to do deliver the knock out punch for the terrorists .

They did just that , they came , they fired , they won . It did take some time though , the "Operation Torando" was never easy for them , especially in places like The Nariman house which was a residential apartment or a hotel like Taj which had close to 1000 rooms , the terrorists on the other hand did not give up easily , they killed close to 160 lives , 40 foreigners and the rest Indians . The scenes shown in TV were gory and at one moment i asked to myself like every other Indian when will this stop ?

It did stop , it took close to 60 hours for the entire flushing operations to be completed in all the places of the attack , but the damage was already done , 160 priceless lives were lost , the touching and the tearful moments were from the Nariman house where a 3 year old kid celebrating its birthday , by the name Moshe lost both of his parents . I beleive the kid even today celebrating its birthday beleives his parents are with him . The next moment was the police officers who lost their lives trying to put a brave show , especially Vijay Salaskar who went inside the Cama hospital i believe wearing his bullet proof vests and returned back dead . But no one will forget Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan a NSG commando who returned back to his home town with the Indian tri coloured flag over him . The loss of other lives were also irreplaceable not regarding what they were in the society , some were very rich who spent a day partying at the Taj and some having finished their daily chores were returning from work and getting down from the Chatrapathi Sivaji Terminal railway station .

But there was a moment of victory as well , a terrorist was caught alive amidst all the high drama by a few clever police men who out smarted the terrorist and showed him what an Indian can do , arrested him with mere lathis in their hands . Not to forget the announcer in the CST who warned the passengers in the station to move out as there was an attack and also the entire staff members of both the hotels who helped in rescuing many hostages battling the gun fire . In the process many lives were also lost , one such incident was that of the family of Taj hotel`s GM . It was indeed touching when he returned back to work , when the hotel reopened saying that he still believed that his family was with him in the Taj !!

What followed was extremely unfortunate , the politicians started pointing fingers at each other and instead of finding where they collectively went wrong . The media took this as a chance for making news and the debates were on daily . Resignations by top politicians followed but there was no conclusion to this dreadful essay of events . Still we have a captured terrorist with us giving him a defence lawyer , saying " according to constitution of India a legal aid should be given to all irrespective of the crime commited "and we spend 31 crores for his security and keeping him hale and healthy !! A gentleman rightly commented about Kasab(terrorist) saying that he is the safest and the most protected man in the whole of Mumbai today .

So this has become my longest post of my blog , i just started this after i was frustrated to see what happened in parliament today . Again there was finger pointing by the two parties , according to me the safest people in India are the people who are in Jail and the politicians who enjoy Z+ or whatever security they have with them , but the COMMON STUPID INDIAN is always under attack . So when will this end , god alone knows , but everyone should remeber this
"Terrorism should neither be forgiven nor be forgotten"

We as Indians have very poor memory on serious issues , we know what Shah Rukh Khan`s last block buster was , but we forget the annual budget promises , we blame Sachin Tendulkar for not guiding India to victory once again despite scoring a century but forget to raise our voices when our politicians are charged of serious crimes . It is just because we take movies and cricket very seriously more seriously than everything .

There will be no conclusion to this topic like there is no introduction to it , i have not attached any images showing terrorists attacks as these are taken care by the wonderful news channels in the last two days . So with anger in my heart and tears in my eyes i say JAI HIND ! and we can pray asking the god TO SAVE INDIA .

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