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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is the second edition of the blog for the sports quiz . I was able to answer most of them but many were tricky . Start guessing the answers by dropping in your comments below . People who have watched the sports quiz in Podhigai channel ignore this post , give a chance to others to guess .
Happy Guessing and Quizzing ...

1.What was special about the Zimbabwean tour of Australia in the year 2003 - 04 .(something to do with Zimbabwe Team )

2.Find the footballer in the anagram
Clue : He plays for an Indian club , he is a foriegner .

3.A frisbee tournament was held in Chennai Marina (not sure) recently , My question is what is the actual name for a FRISBEE called as ( a specific name pl ... think it is easy )

4.Which boxer defeated M.C.Marykom in the recently concluded National Boxing Championship . Marykom`s unbeaten winning streak came to an end .

5 .Who is the newly appointed coach of Mumbai Indians ?

6. In which city will be the Snooker Championships held this november ?


8.TESTING TIMES is the autobiography of which cricketer .

9.Who is the richest man with a stake in British Football ( this is a googly ...) ?

10. Identify ( a sitter )

11. 2012 ::: London
2016:::______( fill in the blanks )

12. Identify and name it ( pl do not say it is a tiger)

Post your answers in the comment column giving the question number .

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