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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am posting this a day late , last evening i was very lucky to get the tickets for a movie titled Thiru thiru Thuru thuru ( by the way for the people who are puzzled the movie is taken in tamil !! ) . The first moment i heard about this movie , made my imaginative side of the brain to work . I made a lots of guesses but i found everything wrong when i watched it on screen . A special thanks to my father`s friend who was kind enough in getting the tickets ( that too in INOX !) .

So coming to the movie , it was actually worth a watch . To begin with ,the titles shown at the beginning of the movie was itself different to start of with . The story even though was predictable maintained its tempo throughout . The hero and the heroine , both newcomers ( I do not remember the names ) did a good job in handling their respective characters . Veteran Mouli played a good supporting role . The director a lady did a commendable job in handling these characters .

The story revolves about a Advertising firm owned by Mouli and the ad they plan to produce for Johnson and Johnson ( baby ads ) , the hero lands himself in trouble when he finds a baby from an accident and makes use of the baby to finish the ads . Later he finds that the baby had been kidnapped by a Mafia ( not really - a bunch of comedians !!) , the last twenty minutes are predictable where both the hero and the heroine tries to find the parents of the baby and also get the agreement signed from them for making the baby act in their ads .

The movie has a very simple story line and one is assured of a laugh riot . Some of the scenes which stood in my memory were ,at the beginning when the hero inserts the wrong CD for the presentation and lands himself in trouble , the other instance when both the hero and the heroine torture the lady who kidnapped the baby (watch this scene i have not seen something like this before ) . The baby looks cute and makes life difficult for both the hero and the heroine .

So overall this movie was enjoyable , coming to the downside the music was a let down , the songs were a misplace all the times and even disturbed the flow of the movie .

This will be my rating , the movie gets

* * * out of a possible five stars .
I recommend this movie , when you do not get tickets for any other movie or in the case you want to laugh your heart out and forget your stress .
Pop corn gets over .

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