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Sunday, October 4, 2009

SPORTS QUIZ ...(DATED 3.10.09 )

Hello people
These are the questions taken from Sports Quiz shown every saturday ( 10:15 p m -11 00 pm ). I am a very big fan of this show and the quiz master Dr. Sumanth . I have tried compiling a few questions from the show yesterday (3.10) , a few questions are really good , people who are interested in answering , comment below the blog mentioning the question number . Have a nice time quizzing

Here are the questions

1.Which sportsman became the first to earn 5000 crores of total money . ( Hint : not a cricketer )

2.Which pair holds the highest partnership for any wicket for Australia ( people following the champs trophy will get this )

3.Tough one
Tatenda Taibu 713 / 3
Hashan Tillakaratne 671 / 4
Adam Parore 650/5
Godfrey Evans 659/8

4.What was unusual about the flag bearers of Common Wealth Games during the period 1930 - 1950 .

5. Connect
Arshad khan , Rana Naved ,Wajatullah Wasti , Mansoor Ahmad

6. Who is the cricketer who is eligible to play for three teams in this Champions League ?

7.Identify this Indian foot ball club shown below


9. Toughie
What is the term used in Baseball to denote a position player whose batting average falls below a threshold of .200 .

10. If it is Royal Challengers for Bangalore and DareDevils for Delhi ____________ is the city named Sharks .

11. What was special about the victory over South Africa in the group game , ( this happened to them for the first time)

12. Which Indian`s name means "Little Brother" in his native language .



  1. Pl answer here mentioning the question no

  2. ansari
    1.tiger woods
    2ponting watson
    3.all wickets by wicketkeepers
    4.they were all british
    5.pakistan players from same province
    6.cameron white
    7.east bengal.
    8.tim paine
    11. 1st victory for england after scoring 300 runs against test playing nation
    12.baichung bhutia
    13. pady upton

  3. got almost everything rite except
    3, 7 , 8 , also give a specific answer to 4 ...u are almost there for 4th ... ok 4 is accepted byt

  4. even 5 is not correct try getting that too

  5. 5: all have done a hair transplant